Kisshomaru Ueshiba

KISSHOMARU UESHIBA was the second Aikido Doshu. He was born in 1921, the third son of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. He graduated from Waseda University in 1946, became master of the Aikido World Headquarters in 1948, and in 1967 was named chairman of the Aikikai Foundation, the principal Aikido organization in Japan and overseas. His formal appointment as successor to his father occurred in 1969. He held several important posts related to the martial arts and was a trustee of the Nippon Budokan, the "hall of martial arts" located in central Tokyo. He was the author of the popular book The Spirit of Aikido, and the co-author of Best Aikido: The Fundamentals. He died in 1999.