Michishige Udaka

Michishige Udaka was born in 1947 in Kyoto. A leading-role Noh actor, he is a member of the Kongo School, having apprenticed under Iwao Kongo II, the late head of the school. At present, Udaka is the only Noh mask maker who is also a performer on the stage.
For his contribution to the art, Udaka has been designated as a representative of a National Intangible Cultural Asset by the Japanese government. In addition, he is the founder of the International Noh Institute (INI).
Performing in Japan and overseas, he also creates new Noh plays and leads classes for younger artists on various aspects of Noh.
Shuichi Yamagata was born in 1953 in Kyoto. He works as an advertising photographer, and also shoots portraits, scenery, celestial scenes, and others.

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