Matsuo Basho

  • Makoto Ueda
Matsuo Basho

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Pages: 196
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Release date: Dec. 1, 1982

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Behind the life and work—the prose and poetry—of a literary genius. The only comprehensive study that examines all areas of Basho's work, including haibun, renku and critical commentaries.


“Lucid and informative.”— Choice

About the author

MAKOTO UEDA is Professor of Japanese, and Professor of Comparative Literature, at Stanford University. He has served as Chairman of the Department of Asian Languages and Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the university. Professor Ueda's numerous publications in English and Japanese include Nippon no bungaku riron, Modern Japanese Writers and the Nature of Japanese Literature, Modern Japanese Poets and the Nature of Literature, Art and Literary Theories of Japan, and Modern Japanese Haiku: An Anthology.