Japanese Quilt Blocks to mix & match

Over 125 Patchwork, Appliqué, and Sashiko Designs

  • Susan Briscoe
Japanese Quilt Blocks to mix & match

Size: 222×222 mm, 660 g
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 128
full color, 150 illustrations
ISBN10: 1-56836-365-6
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-365-3
Release date: April 1, 2007

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The possibilities are endless with this invaluable quilter's resource and inspiration, offering over 125 patchwork, appliqué and sashiko designs.

Patchwork and quilting, initially inspired by traditional Western quilts, have become very popular in Japan. Using designs borrowed from an extensive decorative arts heritage, and often recycling traditional kimono fabrics, Japanese quilters have developed a unique style, showing how simple equipment and techniques can produce patchwork works of art.

The main section of the book features more than 125 patchwork, appliqué, and sashiko blocks. The blocks have been drafted from a variety of traditional pattern sources, including kamon (family crests), Hakone yosegi (parquetry), and textiles such as kasuri (double ikat) weave. Blocks are flagged according to skill level and accompanied by full instructions for making them. All the basic techniques required are demonstrated with close-up photographs and clear, informative text at the beginning of the book.

The blocks have been designed so that they can be mixed and matched in countless ways to create quilts that are clean, fresh, and distinctively Japanese, and ideas for block combinations are included throughout. Featuring current Japanese and oriental-style fabrics, as well as plains, shot cottons, and geometric patterns, these Japanese quilt blocks will five your quilt exotic style.

Modern Japanese quilting uses Eastern and Western techniques to create quilts of extraordinary beauty. This book is a treasury of more than 125 block designs, characterized by their use of oriental textiles, unusual motifs, and striking color combinations.

  • Choose from patchwork, appliqué, and sashiko blocks, organized into themed sections based on geometric, pictorial, and family crest designs. All the techniques you will need are clearly demonstrated.
  • Each design features a photograph, clear instructional diagram or template, fabric palette and cutting guide, and instructions for making the block. At-a-glance icons indicate skill level and techniques used.
  • All of the blocks can be mixed and matched, and you will find examples of fail-safe block combinations for stylish quilts, from tessellated all-over patterns to spectacular sampler quilts.


“...the quilt block designs are simply amazing.”—Adorn


About the Author

SUSAN BRISCOE is a textile designer, author, and teacher, specializing in sashiko and Japanese textile design. After graduating in visual art and design, Briscoe worked as an English teacher in Japan, where she also studied the tea ceremony, traditional textiles, and kimono design andf tailoring. Briscoe has created design kits for Japanese patchwork fabrics, published textile projects in books and magazines, and demonstrates her work at quilt and textile shows.