Japanese for Busy People
Kana Workbook

for the Revised 3rd Edition

  • The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT)
Japanese for Busy People<br>Kana Workbook

Size: 265×190 mm, 370 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 104
ISBN10: 1-56836-401-6
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-401-8
Release date: May 15, 2012

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In the 22 years since its publication, Japanese for Busy People has won acclaim worldwide as an effective, easy-to-understand textbook, either for classroom use or for independent study. Now, more than a decade after its first revision, the series has been redesigned, updated and consolidated to meet the needs of today's students and businesspeople who want to learn natural, spoken Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time. At each level of the series, enough vocabulary and grammar have been presented to enable the learner to communicate in uncomplicated adult Japanese without having to memorize excessive amounts of vocabulary and sentence patterns that are not immediately useful. All components of the series have been prepared under the guidance of a working group of experienced Japanese language instructors who reviewed and tested the material in an authentic classroom environment.

JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE: Kana Workbook for Revised 3rd Edition

This workbook has been specially designed for those stidents wishing to learn the two basic Japanese scripts, hiragana and katakana, as efficiently and painlessly as possible. It teaches not only reading and writing but also—with the aid of a free CD—listening and pronounciation. An upgrade of the previous edition, the book features:

  • Overviews of the Japanese written language and sound system
  • 34 pqges of unique writing drills, with clear directions and ample space to practice character formation
  • 7 picture dictionary-like "Reading Challenges" with narration provided on the CD
  • Illustrated examples of authentic Japanese usege
  • Vocablary drawn from Japanese for Busy People I: Revised 3rd Edition

The Kana Worbook is necessary for those who have not yet learned hiragana and katakana but who plan to study using either the Kana Version of Japanese for Busy People I: Revised 3rd Edition or Japanese for Busy People II: Revised 3rd Edition. However, it can equally serve beginner of Japanese, regardless of the text he or she plans to use.



Volume 1

  • Kana Workbook for the Revised 3rd Edition
    paperback, 96 pages, CD included
    ISBN-10: 4-7700-3037-1 / ISBN-13: 978-4-7700-3037-5

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 2 & 3

About the Authors

THE ASSOCIATION FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE TEACHING (AJALT) was established to meet the practical needs of people who wish to communicate effectively in Japanese. In 1977 it was recognized as a nonprofit organization by Japan's Ministry of Education. In 1992 it was awarded the Japan Foundation Special Prize. AJALT maintains a website at www.ajalt.org .