Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication

A Self-Study Course and Reference

  • Taeko Kamiya
Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication

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verb conjugation chart, chart of Japanese numerals and counters, adjective inflection chart, index
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Release date: Aug. 3, 2012

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To be able to speak fluently in Japanese can take hundreds of hours of intensive study. But the ability to communicate effectively—to say what one thinks, to ask and answer questions, to describe events in the past, present and future, and even to create with Japanese based on one’s knowledge of it—can be achieved in a much shorter time. And now shorter than ever with this book.

Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication presents 142 essential sentence patterns for everyday conversation—all that is needed to get by in most uncomplicated social situations. These patterns represent the basic building blocks of sophisticated speech, and are mastered by all intermediate students. Each is given first in the form of a full-length English sentence, so that one can quickly understand its meaning and intent, then is followed by a Japanese translation, a short, precise explanation, several example sentences, and a practice section that allows one to test one’s comprehension. By familiarizing oneself with these patterns and practicing them out loud, and inventing new sentences with them, one will quickly gain the skills necessary to effectively communicate one’s thoughts in Japanese.

With page after page of sentence-pattern practice and straightforward explanations of grammar, this book is ideal for ambitious beginning-level students who wish to up their oral proficiency quickly. But it will also usefully serve intermediate and advanced students in need of solid review material, or anyone with an interest in the workings of the Japanese language.

To communicate effectively in Japanese—to speak one’s mind and be understood, and respond appropriately to what is said—is a goal for most beginners, but not an easy one to achieve quickly. Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication brings this goal within reach, teaching 142 essential sentence patterns for daily life—all the ones an intermediate student should know, and all the ones a beginner should study to become minimally proficient in speaking. All are presented in a handy, step-by-step format with pattern practice on almost every page.

About the Author

TAEKO KAMIYA, an internationally known author, teacher, and philanthropist, received her BA from Doshisha Women’s College (Kyoto) and MAs from the University of San Francisco in education and from Monterey Institute of International Studies in linguistics. She taught Japanese for twenty-five years at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, before turning to writing books about the Japanese language. Her publications include Speak Japanese Today (1989), Japanese for Fun (1990), New Tuttle Dictionary of Loanwords in Japanese (1994), Subject-Grouped 1016 Kanji in Context (1997), Japanese Particle Workbook (1998), The Handbook of Japanese Verbs (2001), and The Handbook of Japanese Adjectives and Adverbs (2002).