Japanese for Young People I
Student Book

  • The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT)
Japanese for Young People I<br>Student Book

Size: 257×182 mm, 720 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
ISBN10: 1-56836-423-7
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-423-0
Release date: June 22, 2012

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A new and exciting approach to basic Japanese
for young adults

The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), renowned for its Japanese for Busy People series, has developed a comprehensive course for teaching Japanese to young adulsts in English-speaking countries.

Japanese for Young People is a three-level series designed primarily for middle school and high school curricula (with an optional starter level for elementary students) encouraging systematic Japanese-language acquisition through an enjoyable but structured learning process. With an emphasis on coordination of structure and verbal communication skills, this first Student Book introduces the building-blocks of Japanese grammer through Key Sentences, Dialogues, Exercises, and Tasks.

This Student Book is accompanied by a fully-illustrated Kana Workbook which features over 100 pages of activities and games to familiarize young students with the hiragana and katakana syllabaries before advancing to the next level in the series.

With color illustrations and cultural notes throughout, Japanese for Young People provides an unintimidating start to learning one of the world's most difficult languages.

About the Authors

THE ASSOCIATION FOR JAPANESE-LANGUAGE TEACHING [AJALT] was recognized as a nonprofit organization by the Ministry of Education in 1977. It was established to meet the practical needs of people who are not necessarily specialists on Japan but who wish to communicate effectively in Japanese. In 1992 the Association was awarded the Japan Foundation Special Prize.



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Teacher’s Manual is available at AJALT website.