Seeing Japan

  • Charles Whipple
  • Foreword by Morihiro Hosokawa
Seeing Japan

Size: 304×235 mm, 920 g
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 104
88 color pages, 130 photos
ISBN10: 1-56836-443-1
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-443-8
Release date: Sept. 21, 2012

List price: $35.00

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A gloriously illustrated book about Japan today—
its regions, culture, customs, people, and society

Seeing Japan showcases the best of the country today with lavish, full-color photographs and lively text. Introduced here is everything from the natural beauty of the landscape to the everpopular traditional arts and customs, as well as the high technology for which Japan is renowned the world over.

The islands of Japan form a crescent stretching from a subtropical twenty-four degrees north latitude to a subarctic forty-five degrees, the same range as from the state of Florida on the east coast of North America all the way up to Nova Scotia in Canada. Part I presents the tremendous range of landscapes and customs in the various regions of this extensive area, while Part II looks at the arts and traditions uniques to Japan that have developed over its long history. Part III gives essential background information on the country’s history, language, and people.

Seeing Japan is a wonderful primer for visitors, a cherished souvenir—and indeed a must for anyone with an interest in this fascinating country.


“This is a fantastic companion and guide to the best attractions, for the traveller who wishes to discover Japan for the first time, and perhaps several times after that. It’s a true gem, a must-have for the traveller, for anyone planning to live in Japan or to reminisce about a visit to the country. Having lived in Japan, I found this unique book the best I have encountered on what to see in Japan and on the country’s essence.”

“...Among the best of the genre and fairly priced.”
Library Journal

“Crammed with photographs, each book provides readers with sound bites of information written by an eminent foreign resident of Japan, a foreword by a distinguished Japanese, various short essays, and a map and chronology chart on the inside cover.”
The Japan Times

“The photography is beautiful, the accompanying text is unusually well-written and interesting, far more so than in the usual glossy, hard-cover tome. ...definitely something that deserves a spot on your coffee table.”
The Weekender Japan (online)

About the Authors

CHARLES WHIPPLE is the author of the novel Vulture Gold, four books in Japanese. His articles on Japan and things Japanese have appeared in magazines and newspapers in over a dozen countries. Born in Arizona, he studied Japanese history at the University of Hawaii, and has lived in Japan for more than thirty years.

Born in Tokyo MORIHIRO HOSOKAWA is a descendant of the ancient Fujiwara family and grandson of the former prime minister Fumimaro Konoe. A political reformer, he became prime minister in 1993, heading a coalition government that ousted the traditional ruling LDP party. In retirement he has taken up traditional ceramics, and his work has been exhibited in Japan and Europe.