The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook

Great Recipes from Japan's Favorite TV Cooking Show Host

  • Katsuyo Kobayashi
The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook

Size: 265×197 mm, 600 g
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 104
full color, process steps photos and illustrations, glossary, index
ISBN10: 1-56836-447-4
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-447-6
Release date: Aug. 17, 2012

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For nearly thirty years, Katsuyo Kobayashi has been showing people how to make good food with a minimum of fuss. She’s Japan’s most trusted and popular television cooking personality, and the best-selling author of 140 books.

In The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook, she presents foolproof recipes that anyone can make. All the ingredients are readily available outside Japan, and the cooking methods are kept simple and straightforward.

A large full-color photograph of each completed dish is shown opposite the recipe, for easy reference. Small photos of the cooking process, also in color, are in the right-hand margin, with notes from Kobayashi about points to remember or substitutions that can be made for ingredients that may be less familiar. Calories and preparation time are noted for each dish.

This is real Japanese family-style food—the kind that you won’t find in restaurants but that people are really eating every day, at home. Japanese cooking today is made rich in variety by Asian and European influences, and this book reflects that diversity. Many of the great traditional recipes of Japan are here, such as Japanese Pan-Fried Chicken and Tofu with Sweet Miso Sauce, but so are recipes that came to Japan from China and were adapted to Japanese tastes, like Gyoza Pot Stickers, Steamed Shumai Dumplings, and Banbanji Chilled Sesame Chicken. There’s Japanese-style curry, and the popular “Omrice”—delicious flavored rice wrapped inside a thin omelette. There are even Japanese-style hamburgers, flavored with soy sauce and sake.

Now, you can enjoy Japanese home cooking without ever leaving home.

  • Full-color photos of every completed dish
  • Fast, reliable, and delicious recipes
  • Calories and preparation time noted for each dish



“This is the real thing—real Japanese family food. Visually appealing, it's a home-cook-friendly book.”
The Oregonian


About the Author

KATSUYO KOBAYASHI is Japan’s favorite television cooking personality, and the best-selling author of 140 books. In her popular noontime program and many of her cookbooks she focuses on teaching people to cook delicious home-style food fast. She has appeared on the wildly successful program IRON CHEF and been declared the winner. She owns a restaurant and a cafe in Tokyo.