The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook

1800 Sentences for Everyday Use

  • Kit Pancoast Nagamura and Kyoko Tsuchiya
  • Narrated by Reiko Matsunaga, Tatsuhiro Nishinosono, Katie Adler and Jeff Gedert
The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook

Size: 182×132 mm, 370 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
MP3 CD attached, 100 b/w illustrations
ISBN10: 1-56836-491-1
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-491-9
Release date: Dec. 21, 2012

List price: $24.95

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No matter how long you've been studying the language, no matter how many words you've memorized, it seems you never stop wondering, How do I say X in Japanese?
The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook, the world's first comprehensive book of colloquial Japanese phrases, was designed to answer that question. Going beyond the scope of standard phrasebooks for tourists, this compact volume presents all the expressions a student, businessperson, teacher, homemaker, or other professional will need—not only to get by in Japan but also to set up a life there and make Japanese friends.
The book contains 1800 sentences organized into 19 chapters, covering almost every situation a visitor to Japan is likely to encounter, from meeting people, shopping, and getting around, to finding a place to live, getting a job, and having kids. A chapter on social interaction teaches you how to initiate a chat, agree and disagree, and express your thoughts on matters of importance, while another, on feelings, guides you through the various ways of expressing emotion in Japanese. There is even a chapter on romance and sex, "The Private Zone," which introduces key phrases for hooking up and bedding down.
Included with the book is a free MP3 audio CD containing all the sentences read aloud—first in English, then in Japanese—by professional narrators and actors. Just download the files to your iPod or other MP3 player, and you've got Japanese on the go. The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook—practical, insightful, and fun—will make getting on in Japanese easier than ever. Just look up what you want to say, and say it!

The ultimate guide for anyone wanting to speak natural Japanese!

  • 1800 everyday sentences, rendered seamlessly in colloquial Japanese
  • Free MP3 audio CD with recordings of all the sentences in both English and Japanese
  • Phrases for all situations, public and private
  • Insightful columns on Japanese language and culture
  • Clear, large-font layout with lively illustrations
  • Compact enough to carry in your briefcase or bag
  • Ideal for language learners at all levels

About the Author

Kit Pancoast Nagamura is a writer, editor, and educator who first visited Japan in 1982 on a fellowship from Brown University. She moved to Japan in 1991 after taking her doctoral in English literature, and has lived in Tokyo since. She has won various teaching and writing awards, and has authored four English-language phrasebooks for Japanese learners of English. She is a columnist for the Japan Times and a regular contributor to various magazines.
Kyoko Tsuchiya was born in Nagoya and graduated from Tokyo University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, where she majored in American studies. She is a professional translator who has rendered into Japanese Wild Swans (Jung Chang), Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman), and The Yearling (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings), among many other works of fiction and nonfiction.
The two authors first met in 1996, but grew close while working on Tsuchiya's translation of The Yearling in 2007. They share a mutual passion for the world of words and the humor of American columnist Dave Barry.

About the Narrator

Reiko Matsunaga is a stage and television actress, and star of the theater troupe Nylon 100ºC. She is also active as an essayist and narrator.
Tatsuhiro Nishinosono is a stage and television actor who formerly performed in the troupe Team Happo Bijin, and now stars in various plays and TV dramas.
Katie Adler is a voice actress who has done work for many English-education programs on Japanese TV and radio.
Jeff Gedert is a voice actor who also does Japanese-to-English translation and music production.