Autumn Colors of Kyoto

A Seasonal Portfolio

  • Edited by Kodansha International
  • Photographs by Hidehiko Mizuno, Kayu Mizuno and Yasutaka Ogawa
Autumn Colors of Kyoto

Size: 250×190 mm, 360 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 104
96 color pages
ISBN10: 1-56836-561-6
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-561-9
Release date: Aug. 1, 2009

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Why are the autumn colors of Kyoto described as the most beautiful in Japan?
The delicate, almost translucent autumn tints of Kyoto, product of the city's particular plant life and climate, are undoubtedly lovely, but obviously that is not the only reason. The secret of Kyoto's autumn beauty lies in a perfect harmony between natural and manmade: product of centuries of history.
This book introduces 49 superlative Kyoto locations—predominantly temples and shrines—for viewing autumn tints, captured by three photographers. Turning the pages, readers will soon note that far from being consigned to history, the ancient places of worshio within are assiduously maintained as centers for present-day religious devotions, coexisting seamlessly with their surroundings in a model of beauty nurtured over 1200 years in this, the cultural capital of Japan. Viewing the autumn colors of Kyoto is not simply observing nature. It offers a glimpse into a small but sublime universe where people and nature unite in a harmonious whole, honed in perpetuity by history.


About the Authors

Hidehiko Mizuno: Photographer, born 1968 in Kyoto. Bewitched by its beautiful landscapes and amazing historical and cultural legacy, has made a career of photographing the city, mainly its shrines and temples. Coauthor with Katsuhiko Mizuno of Yasuda Yojuro no Kurashi from Shingakusha.

Kayu Mizuno: Photographer and essayist, born 1969 in Kyoto who takes life in Kyoto as the central theme for her work. Winner of numerous awards at the Kyoto Contemporary Photographers' Exhibition, including the top prize. Director of the Machiya Photo Museum. Author of the photo collection Kyo no Roji Fukei from Toho Shuppan.

Yasutaka Ogawa: Photographer, born 1975 in Kyoto. Has made capturing Kyoto on film his life work since first photographing the city in around 1999. Continues to present his photos in various publications, mainly magazines. Author of the photo collection Come over to Kyoto from Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Publishing.