Gift Wrapping with Textiles

Stylish Ideas from Japan

  • Chizuko Morita
  • Photographs by Shuichi Yamagata
  • Translated by Kirsten McIvor
Gift Wrapping with Textiles

Size: 260×190 mm, 350 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
48 color pages, 50 color photos, 400 b/w photos
ISBN10: 1-56836-569-1
ISBN13: 978-1-56836-569-5
Release date: Sept. 4, 2015

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“It is almost magical when Morita takes a simple square cloth and transforms it into a Christmas wreath, . . . or a wrapping for wine bottles or flower pots.”
The Daily Yomiuri

Chizuko Morita has tapped into the traditional Japanese art of wrapping with cloth to create startling new ideas for gift-giving. In a minute or two-or sometimes seconds-a swatch of cloth can be fashioned into a stylish wrap that shows you really care.

The ideas in this volume range from wrapping CDs to books, a box of chocolates to a bottle of wine, a poster to a soccer ball. Square, oblong, oval, spherical, and tubular-almost any shape can be decorated in a unique fashion. And since the wraps rely on only three knots, they are nearly foolproof. So much grace achieved with so little effort!

Ms. Morita’s ideas have their roots in the Japanese furoshiki, an elegant cloth traditionally used for wrapping and carrying bundles. Wishing to adapt the centuries-old practices to today’s lifestyle, she devised a number of ingenious wrapping ideas, each illustrated with step-by-step photographs-and each simple, fascinating, and fun!

  • Stunningly original wrapping ideas
  • Gift-wraps for wine, books, CDs, pictures, posters, balls, and boxed items of all sizes
  • Based on techniques that have their roots in centuries-old Japanese traditions of wrapping for gift-giving
  • Additional ideas to freshen up everyday items such as pillows, baskets, and more
  • New thoughts for decorating the breakfast and dinner table
  • Add an elegant touch to flowerpots, planters, or a bouquet of flowers
  • Make an instant magazine "rack" or knapsack


“...Beautiful work of wrapping. The design possibilities ...are lovely...” -The Washington Post

About the Authors

CHIZUKO MORITA has created her own style of wrapping with textiles based on the practices surrounding the Japanese furoshiki, a traditional carrying cloth. She has taught her techniques to Americans and Europeans in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Boston, and appears regularly on Japan's public television channel, NHK. This is her seventh book on wrapping, and her first in English. Morita can be contacted through the Furoshiki Study Group website at [ ].

SHUICHI YAMAGATA is a photographer based in Kyoto. He specializes in shooting kimono, jewelry, cooking, Japanese fashion, and other items.