Quilt Artistry

Inspired Designs from the East

  • Yoshiko Jinzenji
  • Foreword by Jun’ichi Arai
Quilt Artistry

Size: 304×228 mm, 630 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
100 color photos, 300 b/w photos & line drawings
ISBN10: 4-7700-3099-1
ISBN13: 978-4-7700-3099-3
Release date: April 1, 2009

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Quilt Artistry will transform the way that readers think about quilts. Author Yoshiko Jinzenji began quilting after she came upon quilts made by Canada's Mennonite people and was deeply moved by their resonant, sacred quality. The richly minimalist quilts she makes today are as powerful as the works that originally inspired her. Quilt Artistry presents her unforgettable quilt creations in 100 color photos and in 300 black-and-white photos and diagrams. Detailed patterns and instructions are included for all projects shown.
In addition to full-size quilts, Jinzenji demonstrates how to make quilted pillows, clutch purses, necklaces, decorative objects, table mats, tiny miniature quilt “mandalas,” even a hammock. There are a total of 90 projects, for everyone from beginners to the most advanced quilters.
Jinzenji is also a superb natural dyer and often makes quilts from fabric or fiber she colors herself, including very subtle and rich bamboo-dyed white silk.
In other quilts she uses antique fabric collected from around the world, and in still others vibrant tropical natural dyes or innovative synthetics such as black metallic cloth created by well-known textile designer Jun’ichi Arai. No matter what the material, her quilts all have a remarkable quiet power. They resonate with a spiritual quality like that of classic North American quilts, but one that is rooted in an Asian, even Buddhist sensibility.
Jinzenji has always wanted to “give something back” to the Western quilting tradition that first motivated her own work, and with this book she is wonderfully successful. Quiltmakers and all others with an interest in textiles or design will find Quilt Artistry as inspirational as it is practical.


“I think of Yoshiko Jinzenji as a sort of artistic Midas; anything she touches turns beautiful. In her kingdom, ordinary quilt designs become sculptural, subtle works of transcendent loveliness. This book is as beautiful as her quilts, and reveals the mystery behind some of the best of her works. I look through it when I want to be inspired.”—Joe Cunningham, author of Quilting with Style

“The unique quilt art of Yoshiko Jinzenji exemplifies the style of classic quilt tradition. Her eloquent application of intricate geometric shapes and lines in her creations is a visual feast for the observer. The serenity of the chosen textiles presented in such peaceful settings is amplified by her stunning workmanship and enchanting photography. This is certainly a book to own and to treasure.”—Yvonne Porcella, founder of Studio Art Quilt Associates


About the Author 

Yoshiko Jinzenji is a Kyoto-based quilt artist and teacher who has been quilting for over three decades. Her work is internationally recognized and has been exhibited at some of the world's biggest quilt exhibitions, including the 30th anniversary of the “International Quilt Festival” (Houston, Texas, 2004) where she was a featured guest artist. She also has a studio in Bali, Indonesia.
Jinzenji's pieces can be seen in the permanent collections of the following museums: Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas (Kansas), International Quilt Study Center & Museum (Nebraska), Museum of Art and Design (New York), New England Quilt Museum (Massachusetts), and Victoria and Albert Museum (London).
WEB PAGE: http://www.yoshikoquilt.com/

Front Jacket: Engineered Quilt: “Grass Wind.” Cotton. Natural dyeing and free-motion machine quilting. 98 3/8 in. (250 cm) square.
Back Jacket: “Sound.” Cotton, silk and gold foil. Bamboo dyeing, piercing and machine quilting. 76 x 80 in. (193 x 203 cm).