Simply Japanese

Modern Cooking for the Healthy Home

  • Yoko Arimoto
  • Photographs by Fumihiko Watanabe
Simply Japanese

Size: 190×250 mm, 730 g
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
128 pages in 4/c, approximately 300 color and 20 b/w pictures
ISBN10: 4-7700-3102-5
ISBN13: 978-4-7700-3102-0
Release date: May 1, 2010

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Simple, fresh recipes from Yoko Arimoto, author of over 100 cookbooks and essays and known for her warm character, stylish presentation, and easy approach to home cooking that encourages people to cook for themselves —Simply Japanese: Modern Cooking for the Healthy Home brings the Japanese modern table within easy reach. In Simply Japanese, Yoko Arimoto introduces all her best, mouthwatering recipes, using easily accessible ingredients and simple methods for cooking Japanese cuisine. As a mother who has raised three children, and as a hostess who entertains and cooks for all kinds of people around the world, Yoko's recipes come with no fuss yet are full of love and backed by years of experience—and are absolutely delicious. As Japanese home cooking is renowned for using healthy ingredients, her recipes are ideal for health-conscious home cooks. Simply Japanese contains many popular recipes such as salmon teriyaki, deep-fried chicken and miso soup; along with classic Japanese home cooking like niku jaga potato and beef; plus make-your-own alternatives to store-bought items such as ponzu sauce, gari pickled ginger, and homemade tofu. All recipes come with interesting episodes, commentaries, and useful notes from Yoko suggesting variations on ingredients and purchasing tips. Soy sauce and rice vinegar are now available anywhere, and with a few well-kept basic utensils and a desire to eat healthily, anyone can cook the Japanese way. Enjoy the casual and healthy style of modern Japanese home cooking from Yoko Arimoto, the popular home cook and best-selling cookbook author.

  • Contains over 60 recipes to delight and encourage you to cook at home.
  • The recipes use easily accessible seasonal ingredients.
  • Key steps of recipes are illustrated with photographs and accompanied by the author's comments and useful notes.
  • The recipes range from the basic, such as preparing ponzu sauce, to making homemade tofu and salted salmon.

"This book is full of modern Japanese food, the kind we Japanese eat every day. It's the food I've made for my family and friends, including Westerners, who all appreciate natural, good taste. If this book helps bring healthy, delicious Japanese home cooking to your daily table and adds even just a little to your life, then I couldn't be happier." —Yoko Arimoto

About the Author

Yoko Arimoto is a popular home cook who has published best-selling cook-books for more than twenty years, and Simply Japanese is her first book in English. She is famous not only for her straight-forward, healthy recipes, but also for her stylish food presentations. After her children set out on their own, she has divided her time equally between homes in Italy, the U.K., and Japan and has been able to give full play to her talent for entertaining people and sharing recipes. She also loves traveling all over the world and encountering local tastes, which she adopts into her Japanese home cooking. She has started a project to produce better kitchen tools with artisans, and sell good, local food with small-scale producers, from both Japan and abroad. Fumihiko Watanabe is based in Tokyo and photographs for numerous cook-books and food magazines. His work has appeared in Nobu: the Cookbook and The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen, both published by Kodansha International.