Yakuza Moon

The True Story of a Gangster's Daughter

The Manga Edition

  • Shoko Tendo
  • Adapted by Sean Michael Wilson
  • Illustrations by Michiru Morikawa
Yakuza Moon

Size: 226×152 mm, 390 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN10: 4-7700-3146-7
ISBN13: 978-4-7700-3146-4
C-code: 0023
Release date: July 1, 2011

List price: $15.95

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At once heart-rending and eye-opening, this true-life memoiris a shocking yet intensely moving first-person account of one woman’s experience of growing up in Japan’s yakuza society.

Born into the family of a wealthy crime boss, Shoko Tendo lives her early years in luxury. But labeled “the yakuza kid,” she soon becomes the victim of bullying and discrimination from teachers and classmates at school, and of her father’s drunken rages at home. As her family falls into debt and her father’s influence wanes, Tendo falls in with the wrong crowd, and other men begin to appear in her life. By the age of fifteen she is a gang member, by the age of eighteen a drug addict, and her twenties are marked by a series of abusive and violent relationships with men.

Tendo sinks lower and lower, time and again an unwitting victim as she struggles to define her role as a woman in the violent, sexist, and drug-addled world she is thrust into at a far-too-tender age. After the death of her parents and her own attempt at suicide, she begins a tortuous, soul-searching reevaluation of the road she has taken—and it is only a startling, unconventional act of empowerment that brings her back from the brink.


A “worthy adaptation. . .Morikawa effectively conveys the human element. The emotions and when appropriate, the vulnerability of the subject is always unmistakable in the visual depictions. I imagine that every scene successfully projects the original author’s intended sentiments.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“Here we have a manga adaptation of the compelling memoir from the daughter of a Japanese mobster boss.  Tendo’s original drew words like “powerful” and “blunt”. . .and sold over 100,000 copies.” – Library Journal

"'Yakuza Moon' is a wonderful manga adaptation by Sean Michael Wilson.  I personally haven't read Shoko's book but Michiru Morikawa's manga illustrations really do make you feel the emotions that she has gone through. . . . I don't think I have ever seen a story like this, in manga, anime, drama or film from Japan.  And to follow Japanese culture for so long and read something that was even surprising for me is quite rare.  So I really appreciate reading Shoko Tendo's memoir but also grateful that Sean Michael Wilson and Michiru Morikawa chose Tendo's 'Yakuza Moon' for a manga adaption. . . .I highly recommend 'Yakuza Moon:  The Manga Edition.'" -- J!-ENT

". . . completely enthralling. . . . the life of Shoko Tendo is an eye-opening and fascinating story. . . . Appropriately for a comic adapted from an autobiography, this book really puts readers inside the head of its protagonist. We get to experience Shoko's world from her perspective, imagine her world with her voice, and see the world through her eyes. . . . While I found the core plot of the book to be very interesting, I haven't discussed the remarkable job that Sean Michael Wilson and Michiru Morikawa do in adapting this story. I was struck by the intimacy I felt for Shoko and how effectively Wilson and Morikawa brought the character to life." -- Comics Bulletin