The New Kimono

From Vintage Style To Everyday Chic

  • Edited by Nanao Magazine
  • Translated by Leeyong Soo
The New Kimono

Size: 250×190 mm, 420 g
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN10: 4-7700-3148-3
ISBN13: 978-4-7700-3148-8
Release date: June 1, 2011

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Recent years have seen a kimono boom amongst young women in Japan who delight in kimono as everyday wear and scour secondhand kimono stores and their mothers’ wardrobes for vintage pieces to bring up to date. Capitalizing on this trend is Nanao magazine, established in 2004, and one of Japan’s leading contemporary kimono publications. Nanao is chock-full of stylish fashion spreads and tips for younger women on how to dress, how to find those great but inexpensive pieces, and how to customize, accessorize, and care for these traditional garments.

The New Kimono presents in book form a selection of the best articles from Nanao magazine, providing a wealth of information to Western readers with an interest in kimono. Articles include interviews with young Japanese women who treat kimono as everyday wear, advice on how to coordinate fabrics and designs, how to choose an obi, how to choose footwear, how to choose underwear, how to customize vintage kimono, and fabulous vintage kimono fashion spreads. An appendix provides clear step-by-step guidelines on how to put on kimono, kimono underwear, yukata, and obi. A glossary of kimono terms, index, shop guide, and price guide is also included.

Combining practical hints with inspirational photography, this is a book that is indispensable for kimono lovers and that will also appeal to anyone with an interest in fashion, Japanese popular culture, or textiles and design.


This best-of-selection of articles from Japanese contemporary kimono magazine Nanaois filled with inspirational photography and practical hints for the kimono lover:

  • How to choose kimono and accessories
  • Finding those great vintage buys
  • Tips on customizing and coordinating your look
  • Step-by-step guides to dressing
  • Fabulous fashion spreads