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  • NOBU Miami

    NOBU Miami

    Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

    List price: $39.95

    As seen on "The Martha Stewart Show" ! What is it like to attend a party...Read more

  • Nobu<br>The Cookbook

    The Cookbook

    Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

    List price: $37.00

    Tantalizing seafood recipes from the kitchens of a superchef. Nobu Matsuhisa should...Read more

  • Kaiseki


    Yoshihiro Murata

    List price: $45.00

    A stunning journey in dazzling photos and insightful text through the courses...Read more

  • Edomae Sushi

    Edomae Sushi

    Kikuo Shimizu

    List price: $29.95

    Top sushi master Kikuo Shimizu, now 71 years young, reveals secrets of Edomae sushi, the...Read more

  • What’s What in Japanese Restaurants

    What’s What in Japanese Restaurants

    Robb Satterwhite

    List price: $16.95

    For more than twenty years, What’s What in Japanese Restaurants has...Read more

  • Kitcho


    Kunio Tokuoka

    List price: $45.00

    Kitcho has long been heralded by many as Japan's premier dining establishment. The...Read more

  • Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata

    Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata

    Yoshihiro Murata

    List price: $19.95

    Japan's celebrated kaiseki master, Yoshihiro Murata, has combined his culinary expertise...Read more

  • Simply Japanese

    Simply Japanese

    Yoko Arimoto

    List price: $27.95

    Simple, fresh recipes from Yoko Arimoto, author of over 100 cookbooks and essays and known...Read more