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  • The Secrets of Noh Masks

    The Secrets of Noh Masks

    Michishige Udaka

    List price: $25.00

    Gorgeous photos and insightful text introduce the work of today's foremost Noh mask artist,...Read more

  • Still Seeking Justice

    Still Seeking Justice

    Hiromasa Ezoe

    List price: $24.95

    In this book the authors address recent reforms implemented to Japan’s judicial system,...Read more

  • Edomae Sushi

    Edomae Sushi

    Kikuo Shimizu

    List price: $29.95

    Top sushi master Kikuo Shimizu, now 71 years young, reveals secrets of Edomae sushi, the...Read more

  • The New Kimono

    The New Kimono

    Edited by Nanao Magazine

    List price: $24.95

    Recent years have seen a kimono boom amongst young women in Japan who delight in kimono as...Read more

  • What’s What in Japanese Restaurants

    What’s What in Japanese Restaurants

    Robb Satterwhite

    List price: $16.95

    For more than twenty years, What’s What in Japanese Restaurants has...Read more

  • Where is the Justice?

    Where is the Justice?

    Hiromasa Ezoe

    List price: $24.95

    On June 18, 1988, the Asahi Shimbun daily newspaper carried a scoop: the...Read more

  • The Otaku Encyclopedia

    The Otaku Encyclopedia

    Patrick W. Galbraith

    List price: $19.95

    Patrick Galbraith calls Tezuka "the father of Japanese anime as we know it." Find out what...Read more

  • The Anatomy of Dependence

    The Anatomy of Dependence

    Takeo Doi

    List price: $16.00

    A leading psychiatrist offers not only the most satisfying explanation of Japanese behavior...Read more