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  • The Haiku Handbook

    The Haiku Handbook

    William J. Higginson

    List price: $18.00

    The Haiku Handbook is the first book to give the reader everything needed to delve into all...Read more

  • Basho


    Basho Matsuo

    List price: $24.95

    "At the time of his death, in 1694, Basho had more than seventy disciples, and about two...Read more

  • Writing and Enjoying Haiku

    Writing and Enjoying Haiku

    Jane Reichhold

    List price: $15.00

    Writing and Enjoying Haiku shows how haiku can bring a centered, calming atmosphere into...Read more

  • The Narrow Road to Oku

    The Narrow Road to Oku

    Basho Matsuo

    List price: $25.00

    On Illustrating Bashō’s The Narrow Road to Oku By Miyata Masayuki In the account...Read more

  • Matsuo Basho

    Matsuo Basho

    Makoto Ueda

    List price: $14.00

    Behind the life and work—the prose and poetry—of a literary genius. The only comprehensive...Read more