Martial Arts

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  • Advanced Stick Fighting

    Advanced Stick Fighting

    Masaaki Hatsumi

    List price: $27.95


  • The Complete Ninja

    The Complete Ninja

    Masaaki Hatsumi

    List price: $35.00

    The ninja were the true embodiment of budo, the warrior spirit. Rather than using...Read more

  • Sword Techniques of Musashi and the Other Samurai Masters

    Sword Techniques of Musashi and the Other Samurai Masters

    Fumon Tanaka

    List price: $35.00

    In his eye-opening new book, author Fumon Tanaka uses the life and accomplishments of sword...Read more

  • Encyclopedia of Japanese Martial Arts

    Encyclopedia of Japanese Martial Arts

    David A. Hall

    List price: $60.00

    David A. Hall, one of today’s leading experts on Japanese combative culture, combines...Read more

  • Karate-Do


    Gichin Funakoshi

    List price: $9.00

    For the first time in paperback, the life story of the father of modern...Read more

  • Stick Fighting

    Stick Fighting

    Masaaki Hatsumi

    List price: $17.00

    Step-by-step instructions and over 300 photographs allow the trainee to follow and learn...Read more

  • The Spirit of Aikido

    The Spirit of Aikido

    Kisshomaru Ueshiba

    List price: $10.00

    “Aiki is the power of harmony, Of all beings, All things working together.” Aikidō—a...Read more

  • Karate-Do Kyohan

    Karate-Do Kyohan

    Gichin Funakoshi

    List price: $40.00

    Nineteen kata(“forms”) of karate—the art of selfdefense without weapons—are presented here...Read more

  • Progressive Aikido

    Progressive Aikido

    Moriteru Ueshiba

    List price: $35.00

    After many years of dedicated training in the classical fighting arts, Morihei Ueshiba...Read more

  • Total Aikido

    Total Aikido

    Gozo Shioda

    List price: $30.00

    The basics are only a guiding principle. Your strongest posture is the one that fits your...Read more

  • Japanese Sword Fighting

    Japanese Sword Fighting

    Masaaki Hatsumi

    List price: $35.00

    Hidden Essence of the Martial Arts and the Spirit of the Samurai Japanese history is...Read more

  • Best Karate 9

    Best Karate 9

    Masatoshi Nakayama

    List price: $18.00

    These advanced kata may be selected for testing above shodan level. The techniques in...Read more

  • Best Karate 8

    Best Karate 8

    Masatoshi Nakayama

    List price: $18.00

    Two kata from the recommended list: Gankaku—crane standing on a rock—a name descriptive of...Read more

  • Best Karate 7

    Best Karate 7

    Masatoshi Nakayama

    List price: $18.00

    The three kata in this volume are on the Japan Karate Association recommended list and are...Read more

  • Best Karate  5

    Best Karate 5

    Masatoshi Nakayama

    List price: $18.00

    Kata, the formal exercises of karate training, were the essence of practice in Okinawa and...Read more