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  • Gift Wrapping with Textiles

    Gift Wrapping with Textiles

    Chizuko Morita

    List price: $19.95

    “It is almost magical when Morita takes a simple square cloth and transforms it into a...Read more

  • Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars

    Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars

    Ayako Brodek

    List price: $25.95

    This gorgeous volume offers readers everything they need to know to capture, in paper, the...Read more

  • The First Book of Origami

    The First Book of Origami

    Edited by Kodansha International

    List price: $6.95

    Turn a single sheet of colored paper into an animal, a hat, a boat, and even a camera! The...Read more

  • Densho Origami

    Densho Origami

    Edited by Kodansha International

    List price: $14.95

    Thirty-five basic and popular origami figures, with over 500 highly-detailed, 3-D...Read more

  • Origami Jewelry

    Origami Jewelry

    Ayako Brodek

    List price: $24.95

    Don't just fold and look at your origami work—wear it! Using papers in a dazzling array of...Read more

  • Animal Origami

    Animal Origami

    Yoshio Sato

    List price: $12.00

    A PARADE OF ANIMALS! This book introduces a menagerie of charming paper animals....Read more