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  • The Fine Art of Kimono Embroidery

    The Fine Art of Kimono Embroidery

    Shizuka Kusano

    List price: $39.95

    “A painter once told me he was very jealous of me as an embroiderer. He explained that...Read more

  • Memory on Cloth

    Memory on Cloth

    Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada

    List price: $80.00

    Shibori is infinitely more than the tie-dye that became well known in the late 1960s....Read more

  • The Book of Kimono

    The Book of Kimono

    Norio Yamanaka

    List price: $29.95

    This practical and attractive book makes available for the first time the basic knowledge...Read more

  • The New Kimono

    The New Kimono

    Edited by Nanao Magazine

    List price: $24.95

    Recent years have seen a kimono boom amongst young women in Japan who delight in kimono as...Read more

  • Felt Friends from Japan

    Felt Friends from Japan

    Naomi Tabatha

    List price: $14.95

    Quick-tie Bags with Handles Pocket-sized Playmates Soft Toys Coin...Read more

  • Shadowfolds


    Jeffrey Rutzky

    List price: $27.95

    A remarkably simple technique, based on origami, for creating stunning, three-dimensional...Read more

  • Japanese Taupe Quilts

    Japanese Taupe Quilts

    Susan Briscoe

    List price: $26.95

    Elegant designs to combine into works of tranquil beauty, by the author of Japanese Quilt...Read more

  • Shibori for Textile Artists

    Shibori for Textile Artists

    Janice Gunner

    List price: $22.95

    Shibori is the Japanese term for the dye-resist technique of binding, clamping, or...Read more

  • Quilt Artistry

    Quilt Artistry

    Yoshiko Jinzenji

    List price: $27.95

    Quilt Artistry will transform the way that readers think about quilts. Author Yoshiko...Read more

  • Japanese Quilt Blocks to mix & match

    Japanese Quilt Blocks to mix & match

    Susan Briscoe

    List price: $26.95

    The possibilities are endless with this invaluable quilter's resource and inspiration,...Read more

  • Shibori


    Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada

    List price: $48.00

    Potential for creating designs in textiles can be seen even in the physical properties of...Read more

  • Make Your Own Japanese Clothes

    Make Your Own Japanese Clothes

    John Marshall

    List price: $28.00

    Detailed instructions on making Japanese garments, from kimono to two-toe socks, using...Read more

  • Japanese Country Quilting

    Japanese Country Quilting

    Karen Kim Matsunaga

    List price: $25.00

    The perfect introduction to Japanese sewing craft. Step-by-step instructions for stitching...Read more