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  • Furniture with Soul

    Furniture with Soul

    David Savage

    List price: $45.00

    In Furniture with Soul, David Savage explores the philosophy, career, and pivotal moments...Read more

  • The Soul of a Tree

    The Soul of a Tree

    George Nakashima

    List price: $48.00

    On a farmlike compound near New Hope, Pennsylvania, George Nakashima, his family, and...Read more

  • Shoji


    Jay van Arsdale

    List price: $22.00

    Japanese-style shoji screens are translucent, wooden-lattice panels that subtly transform...Read more

  • Sam Maloof, Woodworker

    Sam Maloof, Woodworker

    Sam Maloof

    List price: $50.00

    What if Picasso had been a chair maker and Stravinsky a designer of tables? What would have...Read more